Mayer Fire Department

Mayer Fire Department

mayerfiredeptMembers of the Mayer Fire Department work together in service for the people of Mayer and the surrounding area.

The Mayer Fire Department has worked diligently to protect the people of Mayer and surrounding areas, responding to 104 calls in 2016 alone.

January through June 2017, the department responded to 57 calls. And, in 2015, there was a total of 98 calls. In 2014, there was a total of 75 calls, which was similar to past years. (There were 69 calls in 2011, 76 in 2012, and 81 in 2013.)

Although assisting with accidents, injuries, fires, and other urgent situations can be a challenge, the Mayer Fire Department is well-equipped to handle these scenarios.

Each department member is required to complete Firefighter I and first responder courses in his or her first two years of membership.

Members must also complete four first responder courses and one ladder training yearly among other training, including in-house training and burns training.

The department has training officers who organize and implement department training each month. Regular meetings also take place 12 times a year, the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the fire station (400 Ash Ave. N.).

Mutual aid

For confirmed fires in Mayer, Carver County Dispatch recently began paging both the Mayer and New Germany fire departments. That way, more firefighters are able to respond quickly to the emergency.

Firefighting equipment

Having the right equipment is also essential for emergency preparation.

In 2015, the Mayer Fire Department purchased a new Sparton ERV fire truck.

According to Fire Chief Rod Maetzold, the truck is larger and safer. It is also automatic instead of manual transmission, which makes it easier to drive.

Mayer’s fire department also has individual gear and lockers for each firefighter, two pumpers, two tankers, two grass rigs, a rescue truck, an equipment truck, and a boat.

In order to keep its supplies up-to-date, the department scheduled a variety of fundraisers over the past year, including a fish fry Oct. 22, 2017, and Apr. 8, 2018, and a food stand during the Mayer Rising Community Festival in July.

Join the team

The Mayer Fire Department, which is the smallest fire district in Carver County because of its proximity to surrounding communities, covers the City of Mayer and portions of Watertown, Hollywood, Camden, and Waconia townships.

The fire department is looking for more members to join their team. To learn more about becoming a member of the Mayer Fire Department, contact Fire Chief Rod Maetzold at (952) 657-2291 or email

Many volunteers

The Mayer Fire Department currently has 28 members. They are listed here, along with their years of service:

  • Rod Maetzold, 46
  • Bob Carlson, 34
  • Tom Stifter, 32
  • Pat Esser, 28
  • Jon Maetzold, 27
  • Andrew Herd, 25
  • Andy Maetzold, 24
  • Butch Snow, 21
  • Josh McIntosh, 20
  • Adam Maetzold, 19
  • Debbie Hill, 19
  • Brent Hilk, 14
  • Scott Theisen, 14
  • Kevin Nace, 13
  • Jeff Jackson, 13